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Pride & Joy

Nassau, Bahamas

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Once a year, Bay Street is alive with a jubilant celebration called Junkanoo. Procession after procession dance through the streets of Downtown Nassau, filling the city with joyful noise. It’s a pride-filled cultural expression; a vibrant night of music and dance and brilliant costumes that have captivated the minds of children and adults alike.

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Months before the Junkanoo Festival, artists and craftsmen imagine their costumes, planning and sketching, then sculpting, painting and assembling wildly wonderful works of art from the simplest of materials: cardboard.

Conch Shells,
& Drums

An empty conch shell, a drum made from calfskin, heated and stretched, and cowbells soldered together from scraps of iron, these are the instruments that have historically defined Junkanoo music.

The artist & the historian

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If you want to learn more about Junkanoo, there are two places in Nassau that offer incredibly enriching cultural experiences. And two people who will forever inspire you.

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Arlene Nash

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Junkanoo Museum

The museum is her childhood home, and she welcomes you into it as if you were one of her childhood friends. Arlene’s passion for Junkanoo is intoxicating. Her deep knowledge of Junkanoo history paired with her own personal narrative paints more than a picture, it brings Junkanoo to life. As she leads you on a tour of her childhood home, you’ll be able to see and touch grand costumes from past festivals, some she’s even worn herself. One moment you’ll be standing in her living room, the next you're transported to Bay Street at midnight, not sure if the beat of the drum is coming from the other room, or somewhere deep in your heart.

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Junkanoo World
Museum & Arts Centre

A musician from childhood, but a teacher now, Barabas’ Junkanoo World (part museum, part Junkanoo workshop, part educational center) is a uniquely immersive space where you can see costumes and sculptures from Junkanoo days of old or watch craftsman build drums and fashion cowbells. At any moment, Barabas and his eclectic group of friends may break into an impromptu Junkanoo jam session.

Junkanoo Festival

Summer Festivals

July 1, 15, 22 Junkanoo Summer Festival Great Harbour Cay Marina,
Berry Islands

July 14, 15 Junkanoo Summer Festival Bimini Craft Centre,
Alice Town, Bimini

July 7, 8 Junkanoo Summer Festival Harbour Island, Eleuthera

July 23 Junkanoo Summer Festival Berry Islands Bannerman Town Community
Park, Eleuthera

July 9 Junkanoo Summer Festival Mangrove Cay, South Andros Savannah Sound Community
Park, Eleuthera

August Every Weekend Junkanoo Summer Festival Eight Mile Rock, West End, Grand Bahama

Boxing Day Festivals

December 26 Boxing Day Islands of the Bahamas

Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade Bimini Alice Town, Bimini

Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade Islands of the Bahamas

Boxing Day Junkanoo Celebrations Acklins and Crooked Island

Boxing Day Junkanoo Rush-Out: Rum Cay Acklins and Crooked Island

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