The Conch

The Conch

Potter's Cay, Nassau

Side View of Potters Clay

Beneath the soaring overpass connecting Nassau to Paradise Island rests the sleepy fishing docks, lively fruit markets, and brightly colored conch shacks of Potter’s Cay. All day long, roughly forty chefs in forty different shacks cook fresh conch dishes in forty different ways.

Sleepy is how days begin on Potter's Cay. Conch Shacks wake up slow. Divers for hire fish the shallow waters behind the shacks where chefs store their conch to keep it fresh.

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Conch Fishers
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That Conch

Like no business you know.

Fishermen–up long before the sun–come back in the afternoon with their hulls full of conch and crab and fish. They’ll spend the rest of their day chatting about their catch, arguing over a game of dominos or cleaning conch on the docks.

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Tip: How do you know which stall to try? Before heading to Potter’s Cay, ask a local which stall is their favorite.

fresh all day

Mckenzie shoot
Mckenzie outside shoot


"You can get a Conch Salad one hundred different ways Everybody make it different"
- Mckenzie

McKenzie, a former conch fisherman turned restaurateur, is a bit of a local celebrity. Twenty-five years in the same location, McKenzie’s shack is prime real estate, well-advertised and easy to find. His is the first shack on the west side of the bridge.

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